NEW YORK: Buvette’s European inspired food is ... - Read more



MYKONOS:  This is what we call posh and luxury! One of the best hotels in town offering amazing view of the Aegean sea and... - Read more



PARIS: Farago is a good place to warm up on a cold C... - Read more



LOS ANGELES: It’s hard to find a hotel with these many perks and for such great value for your money! We highly recommend the Andaz boutique hotel because it is modern, comfortable and not short of the Hollywood glamour you ANDAZ WEST HOLLYWOODcame for. As part of the Hyatt Hotels group you can expect a level of professionalism and sagacity. The hotel is very considerate of guest needs and offers free wi-fi throughout the hotel, access to the Andaz Lounge, ... - Read more


MYKONOS:  Holiday in Mykonos is never complete without dNAMMOSancing the afternoon away during lunch at Naamos. Th... - Read more


PARIS: We became infatuated with Le Pompon on our very first visit, which was for a party hosted by the label Kitsune. The synagogue turLE POMPONned club is definitely one of the most bizarre when it comes to setting. But it seems we weren’t the only ones who felt love ... - Read more


HONG KONG: Yardbird’s no reservation policy opens its arms to all diners, it is a must visit! You will get good food and the value forYARDBIRD your money.  They have a Yaki Sushi menu for dinner and they serve tapas dishes of every part of the chicken. We were ... - Read more


PARIS: Hotel Costes is still at the top of its game after all these years. The hotel is a superb spot for an evening rendezvous about thHOTEL COSTESe goings on of Paris. Accompany that with the city’s best mojitos. At the laidback Hotel Costes, privacy is easily obtained, ... - Read more


IBIZA: Villa Roca is only 6 kilometers from Ibiza town, but far enough to the feel the uncrowded tranquility of the area. The villas have VILLA ROCAmarvelous views and can be rented for up to 16 people. Here is where you can enjoy the freedom of having your own private abode. It... - Read more


FATEH GARH RAJASTHAN: Fateh Garh is a massive heritage hotel in Udaipur. Its most striking features are the spacious lobbies and rooms. It is kept very open and airy with minimal furnishings, which make the traditional architecture stand out. Moreover, the outdoor pool is a tranquil expanse of water, decorated with Hindu statues. It is a simple hotel that offers modern comfort, good food and warm hospitality.... - Read more